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Did You know most makeup expire after a year?

Did You know most makeup expire after a year?
If you are anything like me, I use to buy tons of makeup products, especially when they were on sale. I knew of makeup products get old overtime, but I did not know that makeup products have an expiration date of typically 12 months of after opening. If you look at the bottom of your makeup product, many times you will see a opened container with 12m on it. Other times, you have to peel the label underneath the bottom to see the expiration date. Also, there has been some debate on whether products are good, even after the 12 months without opening that product. At Ebonatural, although our products do expire overtime, and many of our products are good for 36 months, we believe in formulating our products upon order and delivering freshly made products to your doorstep. We want to ensure that your skin is healthy and beautiful.

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